Cooper-Climax and Ferguson-Climax get feisty at...

The 1958 Cooper-Climax T45/51 of Rod Jolley got into an intense battle with Nick Adams' 1960 Ferguson-Climax during the Richmond & Gordon Trophies. #GoodwoodRevival
Goodwood Road & Racing 17.09.2018

Rumbling Pescarolo battles Le Mans winning Audi...

Jump in as a Pescarolo takes on an Audi R8 on the famous Daytona race track. #gwontheedge Official Website: SUBSCRIBE for more great Goodwood Road & Racing videos here -
Goodwood Road & Racing 17.09.2018

Top 5 overtakes at Goodwood Revival

Here are the best five overtakes that we saw during #GoodwoodRevival. Which one was your favourite? Official Website: SUBSCRIBE for more great Goodwood Road & Racing videos here - http:...
Goodwood Road & Racing 14.09.2018

Dan Gurney’s Chevrolet Impala: The Restoration...

Join the restoration of the Chevrolet Impala Dan Gurney raced, bringing American power to British saloon car racing. #GoodwoodRevival Official Website: SUBSCRIBE for more great Goodwood...
Goodwood Road & Racing 13.09.2018

Tiny but powerful Alfa Romeo pushed at Revival

Olivier Hart takes his 1965 Alfa Romeo 1600 GTA for a spin during qualifying of the St. Mary's Trophy at #GoodwoodRevival
Goodwood Road & Racing 13.09.2018

Darren Turner throws Hamill-Chevrolet round...

Darren Turner's 1965 Hamill-Chevrolet SR3 gets whipped across the Goodwood Circuit during qualifying for the Whitsun Trophy at #GoodwoodRevival
Goodwood Road & Racing 13.09.2018

Legendary history of British transport...

Decades of classic 20th century transport machines from Leyland, Morris, Wolesley, Scammell and more were remembered at Goodwood Revival. Which of these vans and cabs do you remember most fondly? #GoodwoodRevival
Goodwood Road & Racing 12.09.2018

Shedden shreds track in Mercury Comet Cyclone...

Gordon Shedden's 1964 Mercury Comet Cyclone was thrashed around Goodwood during qualifying of the St. Mary's Trophy at Revival. #GoodwoodRevival
Goodwood Road & Racing 12.09.2018

Forza Horizon 4 Preview Demo [Gameplay] What Do...

We got to play a pre-release copy of Forza Horizon 4, before it's out on October 2. What do you think? Go to town. (DEMO RELEASE SEPTEMBER 12) More at The Drive:
/DRIVE 12.09.2018

Onboard Tordoff’s impressive run from last to 2nd

Tordoff’s Porsche 356 flies past oppositions as he climbs from last to 2nd place in the Fordwater Trophy. #GoodwoodRevival
Goodwood Road & Racing 12.09.2018

Sir Jackie Stewart drives Dan Gurney's Eagle at...

Legendary F1 driver Sir Jackie Stewart made a special appearance at Goodwood Revival with a lap in one of Dan Gurney's classic Eagles at #GoodwoodRevival.
Goodwood Road & Racing 11.09.2018

Dario Franchitti drives '60s Chevrolet Impala...

Watch as Dan Gurney's legendary Chevrolet Impala takes to the Goodwood circuit, driven by Dario Franchitti no less! #GoodwoodRevival
Goodwood Road & Racing 11.09.2018

1992 Porsche 964 Carrera RS: Rituals of Rennsport

The power of Porsche is rarely measured on a dyno, but you can always tell when it’s taken hold of someone. Eli Kogan is certainly no stranger to the marque from Stuttgart, and today we’re joining him for a spirited r...
Petrolicious 11.09.2018

Ferrari and Lotus's exhilarating battle for 1st...

Andy Middlehurst’s Lotus and Joe Colasacco’s Ferrari heart racing battle for 1st in the Glover Trophy. #GoodwoodRevival
Goodwood Road & Racing 11.09.2018

Ferrari 250 and Jaguar E-types fight for space

Classic Ferrari 250 GTs and Jaguar E-Types had trouble sharing the road during the Kinrara Trophy at #GoodwoodRevival.
Goodwood Road & Racing 10.09.2018

From last to first: Lister Jaguar 'Knobbly'...

See all the moves Phil Keen made in his Lister Jaguar 'Knobbly' to clinch a heroic win at #GoodwoodRevival. Official Website: SUBSCRIBE for more great Goodwood Road & Racing videos here...
Goodwood Road & Racing 10.09.2018

20 Years of Revival Winners

To mark the 20th anniversary of Revival, Goodwood parade the most famous Revival winners. #GoodwoodRevival
Goodwood Road & Racing 10.09.2018

Richmond & Gordon Trophies Highlights |...

Slide into some wild '50s Grand Prix action featuring machines from Ferrari, Cooper-Climax, Maserati and more. #GoodwoodRevival
Goodwood Road & Racing 10.09.2018

Audi PB18 e-tron - World Debut

BrianZuk records the World Debut of Audi's design and technical concept car, the PB18 e-tron, at 2018's The Quail, A Motorsports Gathering and the Pebble Beach Concours d'Elegance. BrianZuk Facebook: https://www.face...
BrianZuk 09.09.2018

Sussex Trophy Highlights | Goodwood Revival 2018

The final race of Revival weekend was perhaps the most dramatic, with a Lister-Jaguar 'Knobbly' losing pole position to mechanical issues. Phil Keen then fought past Lotus-Climax, Ferrari, Cooper-Climax and more machi...
Goodwood Road & Racing 09.09.2018

Glover Trophy Highlights | Goodwood Revival 2018

This is '60s Grand Prix racing at its finest. Small but powerful machines from Lola, Lotus, Brabham, Cooper and more tested their will on the Goodwood circuit. #GoodwoodRevival
Goodwood Road & Racing 09.09.2018

RAC TT Highlights | Goodwood Revival 2018

Yet another thrilling duel between bitter rivals: the AC Cobras and the Jaguar E-Types. See the best moments from an hour long iron man match of brutes clashing on the track. #GoodwoodRevival
Goodwood Road & Racing 09.09.2018

Troy Corser destroys the field on 89-year-old bike

Corser and his BMW R5SS storm from 7th to 2nd in the Barry Sheene Memorial Trophy. #GoodwoodRevival
Goodwood Road & Racing 09.09.2018

Twenty Glorious Years of Goodwood Revival

We've gone through such a journey putting on the Goodwood Revival for 20 years. We hope to celebrate the classics for years to come. #GoodwoodRevival
Goodwood Road & Racing 09.09.2018